• Cedar is durable, beautiful and weather resistant. - Jack Wheelock Even without adding a stain or sealant your furniture will last for years.

  • The natural oils in cedar help prevent termites and other insects from moving in. - Steve Covering your furniture, when not in use, will help it last even longer.

  • Not all cedar furniture needs to look the same. You can add color with acrylic paint or natural wood colored stain - Jason which also will add many more years of service.

Michigan Cedar Log Furniture

Why Cedar Log Furniture?

Cedar lets you bring the outdoors into your home through your interior decorating in an environmentally friendly way. The aroma of the cedar soothes your senses. At Modoc Log Furniture we start with a Northern Michigan Grown Cedar Tree and handcraft beautiful traditional and rustic log furniture and accessories. The natural look of cedar wood compliments your outdoor areas and yard areas as well with outdoor furniture including chairs, tables, swings and gliders, railings, stairs, balconies, decks and more.

  • Cedar repels insects and rot
  • Outdoor cedar has a long life 15 to 25 years without any treatment. Longer with a finish coat.
  • It is an aromatic wood
  • Cedar is extremely durable
  • Cedar furniture compliments any rustic or country setting
  • It works well for cottages, cabins, lodges and residential homes.

log table and chairs - image






No matter which hand crafted log furniture you purchase you can choose to let your cedar furniture naturally weather and it will turn an aged gray color or we can apply a stain or finish for a beautiful look. Our log furniture craftsman and log railing and stairway builders produce quality products that you will enjoy for years to come. Visit our Photo Gallery Page to see examples of our cedar furniture, railings, stairs and more - click here for the gallery. Or visit our individual pages based on what you are looking for: chairs & barstools, railings, tables, bedroom furniture and more. You can also select the category you want to browse by using the handy navigation menu at the top of the page. There is a drop down menu under the furniture tab. To read more about our company visit the About Modoc Log Furniture Page - click here.